Our New Website is Up

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Majimatitu new website is up and running, we are very excited to inform our customers that, now you can follow up on our services, products and many news from right here in the website.


  1. Hi, this is a very good news, we are sure going to benefit much from this website, good work to majimatitu electrical, you are the best in business.

  2. Well, this is very impressive, I have led to believe that African companies are old school, no technology, but this proves me wrong, and the website is just stunning.

    I am in same cooling business here in Brazil, and planning to visit East Africa for safari, maybe I will drop you guys a call and see if I can learn a thing or two about air conditioning business in East Africa.

    If you wont mind, would you refer me to the company that designed your site? they seem to know what they are doing.


  3. Well, I Love this website good job though a little information is missing about the management team and staff of the company

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