Maji Matitu Electricals Ltd will maintain your air-conditioning, heating or cooling system on a regular basis as per service agreement. We also carry out a breakdown service should your air-conditioning or power systems fail. We can maintain a range of systems including Split ducted systems, Cassettes, Wall mount splits, Rooftop units


Planned maintenance (also preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance) of your electrical systems and air-conditioning systems plays an important role in regulating cash flow and preventing equipment downtime. When systems break down they often place a large financial strain in terms of repair cost, which interrupts the regular cash flow. Sometimes these costs can’t be covered, or the problem can’t be fixed straight away – equipment downtime can lead to decreased productivity and employee dissatisfaction – resulting in a less than impressive bottom-line. Regularly maintaining your electrical and air-conditioning systems, however, will:

Reduce running costs, Maximize productivity, Increase the life of the equipment, Regulate cash flow, and Increase safety

Change your passive corrective maintenance approach to a proactive preventative maintenance approach managed by Air-conditioning & Electrical Services, so your air-conditioning or electrical systems are more likely to perform how they should.


Air conditioning systems that are poorly maintained increase the chance of the promotion and spread of microorganisms such as those responsible for the deadly Legionnaires’ disease. This is relevant to those with the following types of air conditioning and other water systems: Cooling towers used in industrial cooling water systems, Central air conditioning systems, Evaporative coolers, Hot water systems, Showers, Whirlpool spas, Misting equipment, Room-air humidifiers and similar disseminators that draw upon a public water supply. Air conditioning & Electrical Services can maintain and service these systems to help prevent the spread of illness from these systems.

MME representatives live in the communities we serve, combining knowledge of MME products and local expertise to create real-world solutions that work for our customers.