Industrial And Commercial Air-Conditioning

We can design and build your air-conditioning or ventilation system, whether it be for your office, factory or other application. We will also carry out electrical and controls installation to your requirements.

Installations include:

Split air conditioners, Cassette type, Wall mounted type, Ceiling concealled, Ducted splits, Rooftop Package units, Cold rooms, Data centers and servers(Design and build), Raised floor systems etc

Domestic & Home AIR Conditioning

We can supply and install a range of wall mounted split systems, cassettes or split ducted systems to your requirements. If you have already purchased a system, we can install it for you.

Split System Air-Conditioning

Split systems air conditioners are called ‘split’ because they are divided into two main parts; An outside unit including the condenser and compressor which is mounted on an exterior wall of the building, and an inside unit including the evaporator is mounted on the interior wall, or in the ceiling, of the room to be cooled. This serves three main purposes as it:

  1. Reduces the space needed inside
  2. Reduces interior noise which is deferred to the exterior,
  3. Allows several interior units to connect to a single exterior unit

Energy Efficiency

Split system air conditioning is a much more energy efficient alternative to the use of bar and oil heaters for heating rooms. A 1kW split system would outperform a 1kW bar heater by a factor of 3.5. This is a saving of over 70%! This also means reduced effect on the environment. Not only this, split systems do not run 100% of the time and are unlikely to cause a fire. They can be programmed to maintain a set temperature and come on and off automatically when they are needed.